Systems Integration & Test Branch

Performing space hardware mechanical integration, vibration model testing, thermal-vacuum, electromagnetic interference testing, clean room operations and experiment integration and test management.


  • Clean Room Operations – mobile and fixed
  • Contamination Control and Analysis
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference Testing
  • Mass Properties Verification
  • Thermal Vacuum and Thermal Balance Testing
  • Vibration and Modal Testing


  • Contamination Control and Planetary Protection Support
  • Electromagnetic Emissions and Susceptibility Test Engineering and Support
  • Field Logistics and Spacecraft Operations Support
  • Mass Properties Verification Support
  • Mechanical Dynamics Test Engineering and Support
  • Spacecraft Integration and Test Management
  • Thermal-Vacuum Test Engineering and Support


  • Blue Canyon Technologies SmallSat Briefing
  • Casey Younger Working on NEAScout
  • Garry Qualls showing STF Students the Gigabot printer
  • Josh Beverly Inertia Testing with the EDL heat shield
  • LAS Acoustics Stand Modal Test Setup
  • NEAScout Vibration Testing
  • SAGE IV Pathfinder planning
  • SITB SamllSat Integration Lab

Branch Management

Erik D. Tyler, Head

Gugu N. Rutherford, Assistant Head