Flight Software Systems Branch

Developing flight and ground software for a range of center activities including spaceflight missions, aeronautical experiments, science instruments, ground systems, visualization, and modeling and simulation. The software team is involved throughout the entire software life-cycle supporting software requirements, design, code development, testing, mission operations, and maintenance. The branch utilizes mature software development processes and NASA software engineering requirements to produce reliable software.


  • Algorithm development and optimization
  • Command and data handling systems
  • Critical spaceflight software
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Data fusion and visualization
  • Digital signal processing
  • Flight control systems
  • Flight simulators / hardware-in-the-loop simulation
  • Instrument controllers
  • Mission-critical ground support systems
  • Software systems engineering


  • Leadership in planning, specification design, development, testing, maintenance, and support of software-intensive systems
  • Technical leadership for requirements definition, trade studies, cost, and schedule during project formulation
  • System and mission software management
  • Leadership in software process improvement initiatives
  • Maintaining flight software core competency


  • Flight Software Lab
SAGE III on ISS Ground Software team participating in a mission operation simulation.

Branch Management

David C. Thames, Head

Michael S. Grant, Acting Assistant Head