The Engineering Directorate (ED) provides systems concepts, advanced technology and systems development to support the research and technology development objectives of the Aeronautics Research, Human Exploration and Operations, Science Mission, and Space Technology and Explorations Directorates.

Mission Statement

The Engineering Directorate’s mission is to provide systems concepts, advanced technology, and flight and operational system development to support the research, technology, and development objectives of the Center.

Our vision is to be a leading NASA engineering organization for developing and delivering advanced technology, prototypes, and flight systems that make the Agency missions and projects possible.

Our goal is to give a competitive advantage to our customers.  Accordingly, the Engineering Directorate provides for the design, development, demonstration, and validation of advanced technology ground and flight concepts by applying systems engineering ‘best’ practices and using state-of-the-art engineering discipline tools and test/verification methods.  We develop and deliver systems engineering techniques and specific products that enable NASA Langley Research Center to successfully meet program and project milestones and objectives within budget and on schedule. Langley Research Center’s Engineering Directorate fully supports the systems engineering approach.

Systems engineering is a methodical, disciplined approach for the design, realization, technical management, operations, and retirement of a system. It is a way of looking at the “big picture” when making technical decisions. It is a way of achieving stakeholder functional, physical, and operational performance requirements in the intended use environment over the planned life of the systems.

Systems engineering is the art and science of developing an operable system capable of meeting requirements within often-opposed constraints.


The Engineering Directorate (ED) acts as the primary service provider for engineering services providing the technical workforce required to accomplish technology projects in support of the Agency’s Mission Directorates.

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