Thermal-Vac Labs

8-ft x 15-ft

  • largest of LaRC’s TVAC chambers
  • Vacuum levels <1 x 10-6 Torr(mm Hg)
  • LN2 shroud and a circumferentially mounted 26Kw quartz heater array to produce a symmetrical thermal radiance
  • 80 thermocouple channels are currently available
  • 12 channel power distribution for local heater panels

6-ft x 6-ft

  • This medium sized, TVAC chamber is capable of simulating altitude and thermal environments to orbital conditions
  • vacuum levels <1 x 10E-6 Torr(mm Hg)
  • 2 independent conductive plates
  • Chamber control and data acquisition features can be automated to customer test parameters
  • Numerous electrical and fluid, feed-through penetrations are available for GSE (Ground support equipment) integration

5-ft x 5-ft

  • Capable of providing altitude vacuum and thermal simulation to approximately <1.0E-5 Torr (mm Hg)
  • Quartz heater array provides radiant heating to ~3000F on TPS surfaces
  • Control and data acquisition systems are uniquely tailored for each application
  • Used primarily to qualify research or developmental components