Technical Capabilities of the Directorate

Flight Systems

Provide integrated aerodynamic, aerothermodynamic, flight dynamics, mechanical, structural, thermal, optical, electronics, and flight software systems design, development, and validation to enable the Center research mission in atmospheric sciences and the development, test, evaluation, and integration expertise to support the deployment of instruments, payloads, technology demonstrators, and flight vehicle systems.

Lidar and Laser Technology

Conduct lidar and solid-state laser technology development and provide analysis, advanced concepts, laser materials, components, system development, risk reduction, technology maturation, engineering model demonstrations, testing, integration, and flight qualification to support the development of active remote instruments to support atmospheric characterization, landing systems, and in-space rendezvous and proximity operations.

Sensor and Sensing Technology

Conduct electro-optic radiation detection and sensor system technology development, including providing analysis, advanced concepts, component, system development, risk reduction, technology maturation, engineering model demonstrations, and flight instrument development.

Fabrication and Manufacturing

Provide an integrated suite of conventional and advanced fabrication and manufacturing processes for hardware development enabling research, technology, and flight systems.

Entry, Descent, and Landing Technologies

Conduct analyses, testing, concept development, and demonstrations to develop advanced EDL technologies enabling future human and robotic exploration and science missions, including aerobraking, aerocapture, advanced hypersonic and supersonic entry systems, terminal descent, and landing systems.