Metals Applications Technology Branch

Provides a variety of fabrication technologies enabling the development of research-oriented hardware for aeronautics, space exploration, and scientific programs at Langley Research Center. We develop space flight certified hardware and one-of-a-kind test articles, employing special fabrication techniques applicable to multi-axis high speed machining, electronics discharge machining, preseason machining, water jet processing, and complex metals fabrication.


  • Computer Aided NC Machine Programing
  • 3 and 5 Axis Programing/Machining
  • Multi-Axis Turning Center Programing/Machining
  • Multi-Axis Electronic Discharge Machining (EDM)
  • Precision Machining
  • Water-jet Processing, Programing and Operation
  • Metallic Test Article Assembly
  • Complex Metals Fabrication
  • Welding, TIG, MIG, SMAW
  • Concurrent Design and Build
  • Plasma Arc Cutting


  • High Fidelity Metallic Wind Tunnel Models
  • Space Flight Hardware
  • Flight Test Articles
  • Prototype Development
  • Manufacturing Demonstration Units
  • Metallic Test Articles


  • Advanced Machining Development Center
  • Flight Test Article Development Lab
  • Innovation Fabrication (iFab) Lab
  • Water-Jet Processing Lab

Branch Head

Thomas J. Burns

Assistant Branch Head

Mark A. Simonton

  • Dave Fahringer changing the tool to machine the Hot Fire Test Graded Nozzle on the multi axis CNC Lathe/Turning Center
  • Chip Sherry verifying critical dimensions on the Research Flight Deck Video Mount Hardware
  • Carroll Whitley and Robert E. Harris assembling a Theodolite Mount for the Integration Flight Deck Simulator